we need to hate the 50 shades of gray as loudly and aggressively as possible on the internet

Please. Everyone at my office is so excited about this movie, and I just sit at lunch with bile rising in my throat and want to scream. 

yes it’s bad writing, but the biggest issue, one that isn’t about personal taste, is the romanticised portrayal of a highly abusive and manipulative relationship.  I’m really, really freaked out for this :/



Okay, I was flipping through my old AP Spanish book & I wrote a lot of notes in the back pages and came across a cheat-sheet list of “good essay vocabulary” so hopefully this will help someone if you’re taking exams soon: 

por consiguiente = therefore 

por lo tanto = therefore 

por eso = therefore/because of that 

además = moreover

aún  = even 

aunque = even though, although 

sin embargo = however

en consecuencia = as a result… 

como resultado = as a result… 

hay que añadir que… = it is worth adding…

es decir, = that is to say, 

por otro lado/por otra parte = on the other hand 

en cambio = on the other hand 

no obstante = nevertheless, 

a pesar de que = in spire of/despite 

en vez de = instead of 

así como = similarly 

del mismo modo = in the same way 

tal como = just as 

por lo general  = generally 

en concreto = specifically 

no solo…sino también = not only…but also 

ya que = since 

tratarse de  = to be about/concerned with

en cuanto a  = in regard to/as for…

dar por = to consider 

llevar a cabo = to carry out

tener que ver con = to have to do with 

en resumen = in conclusion 

en cuanto a = as soon as 

de todos modos = at any rate/anyway 

mientras tanto = meanwhile 

en primer lugar = in the first place

por último = lastly, finally 

a mi parecer = in my opinion/it seems to me…. 

es importante que… = it’s important that…

es imprescindible que… = it’s REALLY important that… 

es claro que… = it’s clear that…

words to use instead of always “tener”: poseer, coger, agarrar, sacar, adquirir

lograr = to achieve 

frenar = to put the brakes on/to stop 

aguantar = to stand, to endure, to withhold, to tolerate 

alcanzar = to reach 

negar = to deny 

ways of saying “to become”: 

convertirse en (política, religión) 

llegar a ser (profesiones) 

hacerse  (voluntary) “hacerse rico” 

ponerse (involuntary) “ponerse rojo” 


entender = to understand words

comprender = to understand ideas 

quise = I tried; quería = I wanted 

no quise = I refused; no quería = I did not want 

tuve = I received; tenía = I had 

conocí = I met; conocía = I knew 

supe = I found out; sabía = I knew 

pude = I could/succeeded; podía = I was able to 

no pude = I failed; no podía = I wasn’t able 

entendí = I “caught on”; entendía = I understood 




psa i call everyone ‘man’ ‘bro’ ‘bruh’ and stuff like that because im an 80s surfer dude from california at heart 

BUT if you’d rather me not call you those things OR if i call you those things and you’re uncomfortable with it please tell me and i promise i won’t call you that and i’ll apologize if i’ve already called you it 

80s surfer dude lingo is rad but not when it hurts other people 












Carry On My Wayward Son (lullaby Version) 

Why can I so easily picture this playing  in the spn series finale as the camera takes one last look moving over the dead bodies of all our favorite characters, stopping on the rusting frame of the impala and then slowly fading to black?

That comment, the music and that picture? I think my heart just Raphael’d into a million pieces of itty bitty pain. 

Thank you.

I can see it. Just imagine the whole last episode was the worst thing you’ve ever seen- not in a “oh my god this is shit” but in the “WHY FUCK” kind’ve way. And in the last ten minutes, something good happens. Really good happens. And Dean smiles, like GENUINELY SMILES before the massacre happens. They’re all just laying on the ground, dead, blank eyed, Sam reaching out for Dean still, Cas had been obviously desperate to get to them both before being viciously killed.

And thenthe screen fades to black, you think the episode is over but this music starts. And you suddenly see Sam walking into a building, talking to a women at a counter and then being lead down a white hallway into a pretty simple blank room.

The camera pans to Dean, who is sitting by a window, just staring blankly. He’s dressed in scrubs.

As it progresses, you find out that Dean is mentally insane. Ever since his mother died from an home invasion, something just wasn’t right. He was obsessed with death and screamed about evil and when he fatally wounded their father after an fit, Sam got him help- after the judge marked him for insane.

So all the episodes. All the events.

Dean made up in his head to rationalize as to how people could be so cruel. Because they’re monsters. And Castiel is his favorite nurse at the asylum, he always brings Dean an extra piece of pie and makes quirky jokes that Dean never understands but he knows that nurse cares.

And all the other angels are doctors or nurses and Lucifer is his doctor, the one who gives him the medicine that makes him feel weird and makes him feeling unsafe.

It was all just in Dean’s head.

And purgatory is rehabilitation.

i dont usually reblog spn but wow

thats fucking fantastic

Trying so hard not to cry right now…

This is so many versions of NOT OKAY it’s impossible to list them all. I’m crying my freaking eyes out. Nonononononononono

I’m ok with this

I am so NOT fucking ok with this!