I think Cas would approach the birthday party of a 9-year-old girl with same intensity as Apocalyptic events… The thing about Cas is that he doesn’t really have a barometer in the same way… To him, everything is important.
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there are 2 sexes but a lot of genders. when a child is born, you have to take care of them as the sex they are because they are uncapable of understanding the difference between all the gender identities. it’s not transphobic or cissexist it’s literally giving the child proper care


Um? No. Everything about this is wrong.

1) “there are 2 sexes” Excuse you. No, there aren’t not. This is a link to the Wikipedia page on intersex. Please read it. I will not pretend to be some kind of expert, but I can say with extreme surety that there are more than two sexes. Just because two sexes are vastly prominent doesn’t make them the only ones. I will not go into a whole rant on the abuse of intersex infants, but I could. But since you clearly don’t even understand the basics of that topic, I won’t waste my time.

2) Yes, a baby is not capable of having a gender. Their little brain has not gotten that far yet. But why does that mean you have to raise a child (assuming, since you seem to lack any knowledge on the topic, that the child in question isn’t intersex) within the socially constructed monstrosity that is the gender binary? It’s not child abuse to dress as baby with a penis in a color that isn’t blue. It’s not going to harm a child to let them pick out whatever kinds of toys that want regardless of what society (and marketing) says that should want. In fact, it’s probably healthy. It shows your child that you support them in being themself. Given proper care to a child is about feeding, clothing, and nurturing them. It’s about giving them attention, talking to them, and teaching them. It’s not about shoving them into some damn box. Giving a child proper care does in no way need to be a gendered activity.

3) Raising a child within the general binary is very much cissexist. It means that you are forcing them into a role that they may or may not want while they are still too young to decide. It will influence their entire life, regardless of their future gender identity. If you raise a child as a girl and later they feel that they are not a girl, do you know what that will do to them? Clearly not! They will assume that what they are feeling is wrong because they’ve been taught to be something that they aren’t. If children were raised even somewhat more gender neutrally, then trans/non-binary/etc people would have such an easier time dealing with their own identities because they wouldn’t be fighting a lifetime of enforced gendering.

tldr: Intersex folks are real and gendering children has lifelong consequences.


Anonymous asked:

these anons are like, "can i be racist in the rain? can i be racist on a train? can i be racist in a box? can i be racist with a fox?"

postracialcomments answered:

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